"Architectural constructions are governed by the laws of stability, mass and length, but musical architecture is the space of everything possible: there is no rule that crosses our path, except those that we gives itself, in a world where the notes, before mens, float in total weightlessness and where the luminous music meets every point of the Universe! "





Baudouin de Jaers new opera "Ce que vit en nous" will be premiered on November 5th at Théâtre de la Balsamine in Schaerbeek (Brussels). It is the second part in the collaboration with writer and director Stéphane Arcas, after a very succesful first production in 2014, "La Forêt". 



In July, Baudouin de Jaer participated in a special composition seminar at the National Gugak Center in Seoul, South Korea. During 15 days, the composers were introduced to special techniques on traditional Korean instruments. After the contact with several Geomungo players, he is working on five pieces which will be played en 2024.



On the occasion of the state visit by the Belgian King Filip I to South Korea, Baudouin conducted the National Orchestra of Korea as a cultural ambassador of Belgium. In the same concert, his piece "Lion Dance" for orchestra was performed for the second time, after the world premiere in 2015.

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