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Baudouin de Jaer Geomungo Sanjo Vol II

Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog Number: SR470
Release date: August 2018
Performed by: Jung-a Lee

In 2009, the SUB ROSA label released Baudouin de Jaer's first compositions for Geomungo solo, the Korean zither with six bass strings played in the plectrum. In this second volume, also recorded in Brussels by Jarek Frankowski and performed by Jung-a Lee musician KBS orchestra, here are 4 new Geomungo Sanjos complex games, some to the extent possible, followed by a reduction for Blink of an eye originally composed for soprano and symphony orchestra with traditional Korean instruments. This volume II is an obligatory laboratory towards new studies for Geomungo that a volume III will crystallize in 2024. On youtube you can also listen to an experimental study for Geomungo of the Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky.



KOBA Acqua forma d'arte
(Double CD)

Label: Noodik Records
Catalog Number: NK002
Release date: July 2018
Performed by: Koba Quartet

KOBA Acqua forma d'Arte released in July 2018 is a double CD NOODIK records. It includes two recordings made 20 years apart: 12 compositions of 4 Quartet musicians recorded in 1991 to the Oblates in Liège (BE) and on the second CD a selection of improvisations extracted from a 3-day session at the Théâtre du Little Varia of Brussels. KOBA, initially hunting back - name borrowed from one of the titles of the double CD of Simha Arom containing songs and music of the pygmies known as AKA, is the name of the pygmy guide who led in 1991 the 3 musicians of the trio AKA Moon, the clarinettist composer Antoine Prawerman and Baudouin de Jaer in the Central African forest to meet extraordinary Aka pygmy musicians. For de Jaer the name Koba symbolized, at the crossroads between metric structures calculated directed or a place with the innate escaped, the attempt of a catch, with the results sound sometimes alive or unsuccessful, of the way which we would re-connect, step by step, in the heart of our inner rhythmic forest.



Lucy / Baudouin de Jaer & Back To Normal Big Band
(Double CD)

Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog Number: SR441
Release date: May 2017
Performed by: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège, Georges-Elie Octors, Baudouin & Lucy de Jaer

Lucy / Baudouin de Jaer Liege Philharmonic Orchestra / Georges Elie Octors BACK TO NORMAL BIG BAND is part of the SUB ROSA archive collection: this double CD features 2 events from the 90's which took place in the Salle du Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Liège (BE). Lucy's composer de Jaer directs Back To Normal. To these two events linked in time space is added the strength of collective creation: 53 pieces of 15 '' composed by everyone with children will form the fan, one of the masterpieces of Lucy (1993), which operates in its speed the central axis of the inner world and dreams. Each of the compositions of Back to Normal (1991), place of natural exchanges in form of learning, is composed by a member of the group (...)



Ecleretic Attracta

Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog Number: SR433
Release date: March 2017
Performed by: Tana Quartet

Eclerectic Attracta offers a range of Baudouin de Jaer strings work: an Elerectic Attracta string trio in 5 paintings, for two violins and cellos from 1987. From 1988 NV a quartet written for 4 non-violinists created at the ARS Musica Festival by members of the wind quartet "STREAMS", played here in a version for the TANA Quartet. Also two recent creations for the TANA Quartet: Kang-wondo, a quartet that takes its title from a beautiful region of northeastern Korea from South, beachfront against Japan, and Elegy based on the composition for solo viola Elegy by Igor Stravinsky.




Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog Number: SR386
Release date: April 2014
Performed by: Fabian Fiorini

Crocus is a record that includes 10 pieces for piano. Each Crocus is almost entirely monodic and is played by pressing some low notes of the piano They allow to release a natural resonance during the game. The game is often staccato, without accelerando nor slowdown, without crescendo nor diminuendo. They are part of my geometric and visual compositions


2012 Musiques Nouvelles

Label: Cypres Records
Catalog Number: CYP4650
Release date: February 2013
Performed by: Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles released in 2012 a compilation on the Cyprès label. On this disc you can listen to Eclerectic Attracta by Baudouin de Jaer, a string trio for cello and two violins.


Eight pieces for solo violin with mute

Label: Noodik Records
Catalog Number: NK001
Release date: June 2012
Performed by: Baudouin de Jaer

Eight curious pieces for solo violin with mute is a section of 8 pieces of a set of 25 sonatas for violin interpreted here by the composer. Two have been written to accompany the performance of the choreographer Kyung A Ryu, others are monodic reductions of her older compositions, others are connected to the work of Swiss composer and visual artist Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avgTDNS60Z8&t=370s)


Baudouin de Jaer Geomungo Sanjo Vol I 
(Double CD)

Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog Number: SR373
Release date: April 2012
Performed by: Hwayoung Lee, Kim Hun-chae and Jung-a Lee

In 2004 Baudouin de Jaer discovers the Gayaguem korean zither with 12 plucked strings. After meeting Pyung-gi Hwang, grand master of the instrument, de Jaer presents a first series of compositions to I Ji Young that asks 7 of his students from Seoul National University to try them out. Two of them, Hwa-young Lee and Hun-chae Kim will record in Seoul in 2008, which will result in the first disc of this double CD. The second disc of this box contains a first series of compositions for a more serious zither with 6 strings played with the plectrum, recorded in Brussels by Jarek Frankowski and interpreted by the great Lee Jung-a, currently member of the KBS orchestra. This double CD is the VOL I of a series of 3 volumes.


The Heavenly Ladder - Analyse des Oeuvres de Adolf Wölfli

Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog Number: SR312
Release date: April 2011
Performed by: Baudouin de Jaer

In 2010, at the request of Art & Marges Museum, Baudouin de Jaer finds the key to decrypting music hidden in 5000 of the 25,000 drawings by the Swiss artist Adolf Wölfli. On this occasion the Belgian label SUB ROSA releases the CD The Heavenly Ladder. Self-taught in both music and drawing, Wölfli composes steps that he transcribes on 6-line staves. At the end of the score he goes back to the same litters noting the rest of the walk between the notes composed during the first passage, distinguishing them by the tails of the notes drawn in the opposite direction of the first, all developing a personal minimalist mixture and new for the time. Wölfli is a precursor in the art of collage using visual materials cut from magazines. He was interned at the Waldau Hospital in Bern in 1900 and died there in 1930.



Label: Cypres Records
Catalog Number: CYP4622
Release date: June 2004
Performed by: Jean-Pierre Peuvion

Performed by Jean-Pierre Peuvion on clarinets and produced by Brigitte Foccroulle, Takshasila is a Cypress Label CD featuring works by Michel Fourgon, Claude Ledoux, Jean-Louis Robert, Patrick Lenfant, Jean-Pierre Peuvion and Baudouin de Jaer. Jean-Pierre Peuvion, former clarinettist at the Royal Opera of Liège and professor of chamber music at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, is a fervent defender of today's music: in 1988 by proposing to de Jaer imagine a day TRAGIC CIRCUS at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, and from cellars to granaries, Peuvion closes in the dark this vast day between music and theatricality by creating Una Nota which is dedicated to him.



Verlaine or the music of words

Label: Cypres Records

Catalog Number: CYP4606

Release date: December 2000

Performed by: Kadeleis Ensemble


At the request of the Belgian pianist Luc Gérard, 8 composers including Fr. Rzewki and G. List responded positively to the proposal to compose a short piece on a poem chosen by Paul Verlaine: to save her husband, Çavitrî made the vows, to stand three full days, three whole nights, standing, without moving legs, bust or eyelids. The poem Çavitrî chosen by de Jaer and sung by Anne Orbach is accompanied on piano, cello, flute and darbuk.




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