Back To Normal is above all a group of people who come in and out and meet once a week in the same place. Back to Normal is a natural starting point: visual artists from Liège ask Baudouin de Jaer for musical explanations. Rather than seeing the artists separately Baudouin de Jaer spontaneously proposes a weekly meeting. Soon the idea of ​​meeting together became the idea of ​​a band. In this momentum, the two desires are woven, that of a group and the need for Baudouin de Jaer to answer the requests of musical explanations (notation, notes, instrumental techniques). Unwittingly, there follows a movement of learning, of musical practice in the group, connected to the game. The group is the place of transmission and research. Let’s note that this transmission interacts between all the people and the notion of student teacher becomes non-existent, especially on a very fruitful sharing of written and oral musical practice.

Le Cirque des sons is a traveling space of fast creation and transmission, a theater, a gym, the place of a village, an airport, where the people of passage, the people invited by the place find themselves in an always different space , for a variable duration, with variable number of people from one to about 120, whether or not followed by a presentation. They choose from the instrument collection an instrument, or a / sound objects to build together a musical structure (a piece) according to the ideas of each.

La Maison de la création is the search of a fixed place in Brussels, of creations, transmission and diffusion, where to share and where to transpose this type of transmission in a simple and always renewed exchange, where the artists are present without diplomas, the participants without examinations, without Pre-dictated evaluations, without reports, without levels, without programs. Where human nature gives free rein to his artistic imagination, to his sharing of knowledge. Also taught are history of art courses, history of the universe, and how to make a fire. Every Wednesday the TRIPTIKS of 3 times 20 'allow everyone, inhabitant, housewife, driver, mathematician, the workshops of the House of Creation, a group, to present a moment of his art. The first TRIPTIK are built according to the requests, without any themes except for rare exceptions such as for example a TRIPTIK Greece during which we learned to cook the leaves of vines, tasted the next 20 minutes while listening to the class of Busuki given by Michel Harzigeorgiu, followed the last 20 minutes by Greek dances taught to the public.